Timekeeping in the workplace has changed for many employers over the past year.  Prior to the novel coronavirus, restaurants, manufacturers, schools and municipalities had strategically placed a timeclock/s where employees could clock in and out nearest their work space without much regard to space or ventilation.  In March 2020, many companies scrambled to reduce surface touches and increase social distancing per the CDC guidelines in an attempt to limit the spread of the virus and keep employees safe.   Timeclocks are no exception to the rule and if not cleaned regularly, can be a breeding ground for germs.  Commeg Systems, Inc. was readily able to convert existing wall timeclocks from biometric finger verification to In/Out punches only, and in some cases, eliminating the need for shift work employees to return to the clock after initially clocking in, reducing long lines and crowding.

Employers wanting to take protective measures one step further, utilized our user-friendly web/client PC punch and/or our mobile punch systems for tracking employee time which transforms the employee’s smart phone into a personal timeclock.