Due to COVID-19 companies are changing the way employees interact with devices, managing the spread of germs is now a top priority in the workplace. The TimePro US-Ultima Terminal helps you keep your workforce healthy by eliminating contact when clocking-in and out.

The TimePro US-Ultima is now available with touchless options to include Facial Recognition, Temperature Detection, Voice Command Optional Mask Detection and Photo Capture.

So how does facial recognition work? Here are the basic steps:

  • A picture of your face is captured
  • The TimePro Software reads the geometry of your face.  Key factors include the distance between your eyes and the distance from forehead to chin.  The software identifies facial landmarks which is the key to distinguishing your face.  The result: your facial signature.
  • Your facial signature – a mathmatical formula – is stored within the software for quick reference when clocking in/out.

The TimePro US-Ultima Clock includes other touchless features such as a Tempurature Check through an infrared thermometer, along with Voice Command and optional Mask Detection.

TimePro US-Ultima Clock

TimePro US-Ultima Facial Recognition / Temperature Check / Voice Command time clocks replace conventional fingerprint, iris scan, and hand reader time clocks, providing a more hygienic and easy to use solution.

Faster and more reliable than other biometric systems, TimePro US-Ultima verifies an employee’s face in seconds removing the need for timecards, badges, keys, or pin numbers.