Can a company start out using a SaaS cloud hosted solution and then revert back to a customer client server hosted solution?

Yes, customers can start with either a client server solution or SaaS cloud hosted solution and then move to a different platform at any time.

Does TimePro® offer a Microsoft Client Server solution to run on a customer’s internal network?

Yes, in addition to our cloud-hosted SaaS solution, TimePro® is available as a Client Server platform which can be loaded on a local server or in a virtual environment.

Is geotracking and geofencing built into the software?

Yes, The TimePro Dashboard includes both geofencing and geotracking for managers to configure coordinates and to track via reporting and time card display.

What type of data base does TimePro® use?

TimePro® utilizes Microsoft SQL Server and is supported on any current edition including Microsoft SQL Express.

How does TimePro® manage and distribute punches at the clock?

TimePro® is a real-time instant verification system that uses packet protocol to process punches immediately. Data is readily available for report generation and time card editing immediately after punches occur.

Can TimePro® restrict early clock ins and late clock outs?

Yes, TimePro® will manage your timekeeping policies to include restrictions and grace periods whenever needed.

We prefer to keep payroll and timekeeping systems separate so as to not get locked into a particular solution that might limit our flexibility. Does TimePro® interface with payroll products and other software systems?

Absolutely – TimePro® already interfaces with hundreds of payroll systems and services both in-house and cloud-based. TimePro® also interfaces with ERP systems, Job cost solutions, POS, and a host of scheduling software packages (Please refer to our interface systems page).

Can you use another vendors clock terminal such as the TMx clock by Time Management Corporation or even the older Stromberg clocks?

Depending on the make and model we can often use another vendors hardware with the TimePro® software. (Please contact us at sales@commeg.com).

Will TimePro® run on an iPad or Tablet?

Yes, TimePro® runs on all mobile devices, iPads, and Tablets.

Is your tech support team US based?

Our TimePro® support team and implementation specialists are all US-based with customer service available 24/7.

Is there a way to maintain payrates based on the zip code of the location?

Payrates by zip code can easily be managed using our SQL table to keep a zip code location and payrates in sync.

We use Hot Schedules as our company scheduling software, does TimePro work with them?

Yes, TimePro interfaces with Hot Schedules, When to Work and most all cloud based and Client Server scheduling systems.

Will the TimePro Clock work in conjunction with the Hot Schedules software?

Hot Schedules does use the TimePro clock to enforce the schedule that is created by the customer within the Hot Schedules Software.

How does TimePro deal with state issued rules for breaks, lunches, sick, etc.?

TimePro stays compliant with all state-issued timekeeping policies including the unique lunch, break and sick requirements by certain states such as NY, NV, and CA.

How do other software products that we use get updated with the timekeeping information?

The TimePro communication manager runs as a service to automatically import/export information set as a daily maintenance script to address unique requirements such as scheduling and attendance postings.

Do you allow for custom software requests in case our union changes or adds an “out of the box” requirement?

Yes, it’s very typical, especially within a union environment that there will be some software customization needed to address a particular new rule set or timekeeping policy.

We have employees who are only allowed to clock in/out at certain locations, is there a way to stop employees from using terminals outside of those areas?

Yes, employees can be linked to specific clock locations where only those terminals assigned to the employee will allow them to clock in/out.

Is the IRIS scanner or finger print scanner the best means of Biometrics?

Currently the most reliable, affordable and quickest scanner on the market is the Lumidigm Biometric fingerprint reader. The Lumidigm reader in each TimePro Biometrics clock positively identifies each employee in a timely fashion providing optimal security.

Is there a way to use the clock to allow door access into certain buildings? What about triggering a bell or horn for shift changes?

Each TimePro clock offers the capability to add a relay kit to the terminal for door access control along with software to enable a bell or horn to sound at designated times.

Can you please tell me a little about the web design for TimePro?

TimePro utilizes ajax for direct server access, enhancing security and speed, jQuery for standards and C# for the programming language.