How to Eliminate Time Clock Fraud 

One way to get ahead of time clock fraud is to implement an advanced time & attendance solution. With a dedicated time & attendance solution in place, your company can dramatically reduce the number of inaccurate clock punches thanks to key features, watch for time-related discrepancies, and more.

Features such as Geo-tracking and Geo-fencing allow you to track where employees are, and authorize the places they can clock in or out from:

  • No matter where your employees are working—whether down the hall, in another quad, or even in another country, Geo-tracking and Geo-fencing features can alert you when an employee is late, absent, or has forgotten to log their time.
  • GPS tracking lets you pin each employee’s location on a map when they clock-in so you can track where and when they performed their work duties.

Many time & attendance solutions can also integrate with biometric time clocks to help prevent buddy punching:

  • These systems use advanced technology to scan an employee’s fingerprints.
  • They are becoming more popular as companies seek to improve upon other time & attendance methods that were meant to curtail time theft and buddy punching, such as scanning employee badges.

Time clock fraud might seem harmless, but it’s not. If you leave it unchecked, it can create a difficult cycle for your business to climb out of. Beyond creating issues with your bottom line, time fraud can also affect employee morale, and cut into your retention efforts, especially if some employees grow resentful that others are stealing time from your company without any consequences.

Whether time clock fraud happens once, spikes during different times of year, or is a habitual concern, TimePro by Commeg Systems can help you stop it before it happens again.

published – 2/25/2019